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Meet Our Team

With over 30+ years of experience in the commercial building maintenance industry, our team is highly qualified for all your janitorial, painting, and maintenance needs.

At Moreno & Associates, our team is proud to offer services that not only get the job done, but get it done right.

More Than A Team.

The Moreno Team

J. Ernesto Moreno

Founder & CEO

Kyleigh Moreno


Sangeetha Prajwal


Sandra Cervantes

Director of Human Resources

Marc Paterniti

Director of Paint & Coatings

Kennedy Moreno

Director of Marketing

Kolbey Moreno

Director of Client Services

Salvador Minero

Operations Manager

Gina Valencia

Admin & AP Clerk

Jaime Saldivar

Account Manager

Felix Apreza

Assistant Operations Manager

Felipe Cortez

Onsite Supervisor

Rafael Merino

Onsite Supervisor

Guadalupe Denis

Day Supervisor

Juan Camacho

Night Supervisor

Luis Quinones

Night Supervisor

Sergio Arreola

Night Supervisor

Nestor Juarez

Night Supervisor


Barketing Assistant

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